Workforce Development

The Bluegrass Society for Human Resource Management is committed to improving the quality of the workforce in the Bluegrass region and Kentucky overall.  A strong workforce makes for a strong economy!

In order to avoid the waterfall of problems associated with the approaching losses that will occur as we lose a large percentage of our experienced workforce, it will be essential for employers to take action and begin recruiting on our campuses and to attend and hire at the annual Job & Internship Fairs!  By working now to create new avenues of finding potential employees, you can prepare your organization today to meet tomorrow's challenges.


May Chapter Meeting 2018:

Workforce Readiness Update: Current Resources Available

(Locally and State-Wide)


Panel Presentation:

  • Review workforce readiness in the region and the state
  • Potential workforce development opportunities from city, state and federal resources
  • Expand and retain talent
  • Organizations who have benefited


Eddie Martinez: Woodford County Chamber

Elodie Dickinson: LFUCG Workforce Development Director

Pam Hatcher: BCTC, Dean of Academics & Workforce Development

Ethan Linville: BGADD, Business Services Specialist

Todd Blanton: Kentucky Career Center

Michael Gilbreath: BGSHRM Workforce Readiness Director

BGSHRM May 2018 Chapter Meeting- PROGRAM SLIDES.pptx

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Employers to play an expanded role in Workforce Development and Kentucky is leading the way

Through the efforts of the Workforce Center, Kentucky has been selected by the U.S. Chamber as just one of three states to host a Talent Pipeline Management Academy, tapping on business leaders to build a 21st Century Workforce. Click below to read more about this endeavor and stay tuned for more details on how to get involved in the months ahead.