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Message from the the President

Fellow HR Professionals,

The HR profession has come a long way.  We came from humble beginnings as what I have traditionally referred to as “paper pushers.”  We served coffee, we ran copies, and always made sure the “I’s were dotted” and the “t’s crossed.”

Look at us now.

Strategic partners.  Executive team members.  Leadership liaisons.  Employee advocates.  Change agents.  Organizational architects.  Negotiators.  Mediators.  Recruiters.  Trainers.  Analysts.   

I find Human Resources to be one of the greatest professions in the world.  We have the option of working in the functional areas where we are most gifted while still having the ability to harness our skills in other areas.  Every colleague I have ever spoken with who has reflected on their career almost unanimously declares, “It’s something different every day.”

We have our pick of whatever organizational structure we want to be a part of whether it is government, corporate, for profit, non-profit, and small and large businesses.

We choose our industry – healthcare, manufacturing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, hospitality, food services, retail, and more.

The tenured HR professionals, the original “paper pushers” have carried the mentality that we must claw our way to the top.  We fought tooth and nail to move from the coffee carabiners to a seat at the executive table.  So, as it were, our less tenured HR professionals observed this progression and are clawing their way to stay at the top.

At the end of the day though, what truly matters?

I recently had a friend pass and as I reflected on her life, I realized that it wasn’t the exciting gift exchanges, the huge life events, or the shopping sprees that I’ll remember her by.  It was her squinty eyes when she smiled.  The funny way she danced.  Her love of Mexican food.  And her passion for music.

You matter more than anything else in this world.  You matter more than any new car, high-dollar salary, huge home, or fancy charcuterie platter.

Are you loving and respecting yourself as you would your spouse, your partner, your child, your family, and your friends or are you telling yourself you’re not smart enough, good enough, or deserving enough?  Are you directing positive energy towards others in your life or are you jealous and spiteful towards their successes?  Pay very close attention to what you put out in this world, positive or negative because the universe will always deliver.

It is time to be selfish.

I am not referring to the word “selfish” in the traditional sense, but rather self-first

So, what does that mean?  Simply… put yourself first.  Get simple.  Be natural.  Quiet the voice in your head and listen instead.  Do some deep breathing today.  Stop and stretch when you are sore.  Wake up a little early tomorrow to hear the birds.  Stay up a little later next week to see the stars.  Build a fire over the weekend and stare at it, not your phone.  Be an example and give back.

Because when it’s all said and done, your colleagues will not remember you for the Hummer you had or the latest shipment from your subscription clothing service, they will remember the smile on your face and the way you made them laugh over a cup of coffee in the breakroom.  Your employees will remember you for your sincerity and that you were trustworthy, confident, peaceful, and kind.  Your organization will remember you for showing up.  Truly showing up—mind, body, soul, and space.

As HR Professionals, we spend our days doing for others, and that’s a very good and noble thing, but what will you do for yourself today?

Best Regards,

Ashley Case, SHRM-CP

2021 BGSHRM Chapter President


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